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Mauritius, an island off the coast of Africa located in the Mascarene Island chain, is a tropical paradise.  It’s lush landscape, amazing ocean views, diverse culture and charming locals make this Island a memorable place to visit. This exotic island is home to breathtaking white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, coral reef and tropical fish, mountains, lush tropical forests, amazing diverse cuisine and luxury hotels with every amenity available.

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Visitors of all ages from all over the world come to the Island each year to enjoy a vacation in this tropical oasis.  From families to couples looking for a romantic getaway, the Island has something to offer everyone.  The Island is a popular romantic destination for weddings and for honeymooners.  

Golfers often visit the Island just for the chance to tee off in one of Mauritians internationally known golf courses.  The island of Mauritius was formed over 8 million years ago from undersea volcanic eruptions and is approximately 1865 square kilometres.

The island was first inhabited by the Portuguese in the 16th Century.  In the 1700’s the French claimed the Island and in the 1800’s the British captured it.  Today, it is an independent republic with a diverse culture. The population is around 1.2 million including descendants primarily from India, Continental Africa, France and China.

Historically, the Island’s economy was supported through agriculture with sugar Cane being the primary crop.  However, in recent years, industry, finance and tourism have helped to contribute to the Island’s growth. Of these, tourism has dominated the island’s economic expansion.  Luxury accommodations along with historical sites, cultural diversity and cuisine, tropical climate and unique recreation opportunities help to bring thousands of visitors (many repeat visitors) each year from around the world. 

Known for its stunning beauty there are places to visit on Mauritius that are like no place else. One area that the locals frequent when they want a night out on the town is the Grand Bay. A leisure and shopping paradise, Grand Bay is filled with bars, restaurants, and discos. The newly renovated La Cuvette beach is one place that is worth a visit. Another great beach is the Pereybere public beach. It also has plenty of shopping facilities and restaurants. The Balaclava Ruins are not far from Grand Bay and is the location of the former Balaclava Estate; it now forms part of the Maritim Hotel.

Mauritius travel

For nature enthusiasts there are several national parks available. Black River Gorges was created for the protection of the remaining native forests of Mauritius. Visitors will enjoy the stunningly beautiful scenery with its widespread plants and several species of rare birds. There is a trail that leads from the information center to an area with typical plant life.

The Yemen Reserve is a game reserve on the island. While it is not the largest game reserve on the island there is plenty to see. You can get up close views of the herds of deer and see some spectacular species of Mauritian fauna. There are kiosks available where you can sip a local punch while getting an unobstructed view of the sea.

Archaeology fans will be interested in Vieux Grand Port which is the oldest settlement on the island. Here you can see ruins of the first Dutch built fortifications. Currently there is excavation work underway to attempt to uncover more of Mauritius's important history.


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